Kimo Nelson (b. 1980 Honolulu, HI)  

Kimo grew up moving between the US, SE Asia, and the Middle East.  He moved back to the US and attended college in Oregon, spending summer months working as a professional river guide in Utah and Arizona. His extensive travel and wilderness experience continues to be the foundation for his work. Kimo studied painting and drawing at the Oregon College of Art and Craft and environmental studies at Lewis & Clark College in Portland, OR.  He went on to study at the Rhode Island School of Design where he received an MFA in painting with honors in 2012.  Kimo has been an organizer and participant for the Signal Fire artist residency program based in Portland, OR. He has exhibited nationally at galleries and non-profit spaces including Danese/Corey Gallery and Gallery 532 Thomas Jaeckel in New York, NY, Projekt 722 in Brooklyn, NY, WAS Gallery in Washington DC, Disjecta in Portland, OR, and Chase Young in Boston, MA. Kimo currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.